AudioVision Music Player Review

Hi friends, i hope you are good.As you know our website gives the best and latest android apps and android games reviews. Today, i will review music and audio app named AudioVision Music Player. AudioVision Music Player is a famous name in music and audio apps categories. This application is developed by Stefan Schindler. Stay tuned with us for more information. This website provides real reviews so that our users can know the detailed information about this application. As you know, we will provide a daily post on this website about latest android apps and android games. So, bookmark it for further reviews.
If you finding a best music player app then this app is for you. On the internet, there are many music and audio player available. Some of them are good but not have more customizations. There are few apps that give you more customizations and good visualizations. Also, they provide themes and endless visualization customize.

AudioVision is one of the best music players This app organized your music by artist, album, genre manage playlist and reduce your time to select one by one. Also, you can control music visualizer by widgets, notifications and form the lock screen. The visualizer, themes and equalizer are customizable.The app interface is an attractive design 


  1. organize music by artists, genres, playlists, albums and more
  2. enhance playback by using equalizer to adjust sound levels
  3. small app size
  4. seamless songs playing using queue
  5. create, delete, rename or modify playlists
  6. mark best songs as favorite
  7. built-in highly customizable music visualizer with user-definable background and colors
  8. multi-size widgets and lock screen controls
  9. fresh designed material style user interface

AudioVision App Information

File Name                                         AudioVision                                 
Size 1.6 Mb 
Version 2.8.5 
Installs 1000000+ 
Required Android 4.3.0 and up 
Developer Stefan Schindler 
Playstore Rating 4.1 

 User Reviews

1st user; When I play some of my songs in this app (e.g 7 years old and firework) I can hardly hear the person singing the song but in other apps (e.g chrome downloads) the songs work but apart from that I would still recommend this app to anyone who likes listening to music with out having to change to a different song manually each time when a song ends.

2nd user; This is one of the best apps Ive ever had. It lets me play backround music while im on my tablet and I like the visulizer itself. Just one proplem though: Everytime I download a new song, I have to ininstall the app, and install it again. Can you please fix this? Thank you. I found the refresh button in settings, sorry. But it doesnt work and still takes 5 minutes or so to see the new song. Please fix this. Its stll the best music player EVER!

3rd user; This app is really cool, I like the options. I have just one problem and I'm not sure what's causing it - sometimes the playlists I created will delete themselves. When it happened for the first time, I thought that I just accidentally deleted some important data while making more space on my phone. It happened about twice more since that tho and these times I haven't done anything special. I just started up my phone and the playlists were gone. It's kinda annoying to have to create them again.


I hope this article will help you to understand about audiovision  app. If you like this app go to playstore, install it and enjoy its benefits. Also if you have any problem regarding this app please do remark in the comment section we are always trying to clear your doubt as soon as possible. Share this article with your closest one in order that they could get the information. Thank You

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